This is a constantly updating list of practical resources for action.  We are always looking for more resources. If you would like to add to or edit this list please send us an email.

Elections, Voting, and Resistance

- A list of upcoming congressional town halls where you can make your voice heard


- A downloadable, practical guide to resisting Trump's agenda from Indivisible.


- A handy guide for spotting Fake News


- An app for keeping track of Congress.  Stay up to date on upcoming legislation, see how your representatives voted and make your voice heard.  If you don't like apps you can visit their website.


- Know exactly how and where to vote.


- A guide to hosting a voter registration drive.


Information from the ACLU detailing your rights if you decide to protest




- This List of Anti-racism resources for white people

- A list of Black-Owned Businesses in NYC you can support

- A tutorial on How To Argue Against Saying "All Lives Matter,"


Tips on how to be a good ally if you witness harassment in public.


-Steps you can take to advocate for police reform where you live


- A form for reporting hate crimes, harassment, and intimidation to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

- Tips to fight bias and prejudice at work, at home, at school, in emails, with friends, etc.


Donate your frequent flier miles to families separated at the border.

Gender and Sexuality

- Tips on how men can support gender equality

- A list of gender identity terms you need to know to build an inclusive workplace


- Training for bar staff on how to spot and prevent sexual harassment

Reproductive Justice

- What You Need to Know About the Wave of Unconstitutional Abortion Bans in the States via from Planned Parenthood 

- Information about the Domestic Gag Rule

- A series of training webinars for advocacy from NIRH

- Registration to use your skills to support Planned Parenthood

- Information on how to become a Clinic Escort

- An organization for pro-choice men via NARAL

- An organization that collects abortion stories

- Surprising research from NIRH on public opinion of abortion access (hint, it's higher than you think)

- A fact sheet about New York's Reproductive Health Act

- A form to report violations of reproductive rights to the Center For Reproductive Rights

Protecting the Environment

- A list of plastic items you can stop using right now and tips for how to replace them

- A guide to cooking and eating in the face climate change


- Learn about compost options in NYC (yes really!)


- Discover ways to reduce your carbon footprint


- Learn how you can reduce food waste and feed hungry New Yorkers


- Links and materials from Plastic Oceans





-"What Are You Willing To Stand Up For". A social justice/art themed lesson plan designed by the Guggenheim. 


- Donate to a classroom looking to fund projects on progressive subjects. Pro tip:  Search "empathy" "immigration" "civil rights" "diversity" or "feminism"


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