What We're Up To

In addition to supporting existing  progressive action around the city we're creating some action of our own

Reproductive Freedom: 

In response to the growing threat to reproductive freedom across the country, Artists For Action is working to increase access to reproductive care in our area. Despite local laws and policies,many people seeking an abortion in New York do not have the funds to pay for the procedure and with the wave of restrictive bills banning abortion across the country, we can expect the number of people seeking abortions in New York to rise. As part of the #FundAbortionNYC campaign, the NIRH  Artists for Action members came together to call and lobby the New York City council to be the first city in the nation to directly fund abortion care by funding the New York Abortion Access Fund as part of their yearly budget.  In June, 2019 the measure passed! 


If artists know how to do one thing, it's hustle. Artists for Action members made a difference all across the country during the midterm elections. From local New York races to big swing state elections, AFA members organized, knocked, called, mailed, and helped turn the house blue. (Some even brought their dogs along)

Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon


Did you know that only about 10% of Wikipedia editors are women?  And that the statistics are similarly low for people of color?  Lack of participation in the editing process affects both form and content on Wikipedia. Articles on subjects from marginalized groups tend to be shorter, unlinked, poorly researched, or simply do not exist at all.  (Learn more about the gender gap here). Given the ubiquity of Wikipedia as a resource, this disparity affects million of people across the world. Our goal is to fight back, one edit at a time. 

Inspired by the work of Art + Feminism, Black Lunch Table , and others we hosted our own Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon.  Participants learned the fundamentals of editing and were given the tools to continue their work at home.  Our editors this session included art historians, art teachers, actors, directors, writers, and more. We believe this work is especially relevant now that truth, facts and the English language are under constant attack. We plan to have a second event in the fall. We would like to thank  Gramercy Tech for hosting us. 

"This Oppresses Women" Stickers


 Inspired by the amazing work of National Women's Liberation we've printed our own "this oppresses women" sticker. If you're ready to smash the patriarchy, email info@artistforaction.com with you address and we'll send you a set.  Click here to see examples of the sticker in action.

The Amendment Project


This November, we were approached by an NYC public school teacher asking us to create art for her students. This school is particularly special because every student is a first generation immigrant. Many of the students are undocumented. Many of them made a harrowing journey to get to New York. Almost all of them want to go to college and build a life in America. Since the election, these students have expressed a lot of fear, anxiety, sadness, and an overwhelming feeling of being unwelcome. Many of them do not know what rights they have in this new Trump era.


The theme of this project was inspired by The Bill of Rights. Did you know that The Bill of Rights protects everyone in America even undocumented immigrants? For these high school students, knowing their rights is crucial. Knowing some rights, such as the fourth amendment, could mean the difference between them staying in the country or not.


We gathered a group of artists to create posters to help students understand their rights. The goal was to create visual representations of the amendments: freedom of religion, freedom of the press, right to assemble etc as well of pieces with inspirational and inclusive messaging to hang in their school. Here's a few samples of the amazing art we collected. You can find more on our Instagram


Art by Annie Moore

Art by CB Owens

Art by Mollie Roth

Art by Giana Sacco

"I Can't Keep Quiet"


In 2017 Artists For Action partnered with a group of women from the Broadway  and NY theatre community  to record a version of  "Quiet". Written for the Women's March by MILCK, this song "is dedicated to celebrating our unique voices and identities, in an effort to break the cycles of oppression" of women everywhere.  We came together to add our voice to the growing chorus of people speaking up and speaking out. We hope this video encourages you to do the same.  Artists for Action performed "Quiet" at Joe's Pub as part of Nasty Women Unite Fest.