Resources for

Elections, Voting, and Resistance

- The only call sheet you'll ever need. A constantly updated doc with weekly calls to action, call scripts, contact information for your representatives and more. Why is it important to call? Here's why.

- A site to find your nearest swing district for the 2018 and information on getting involved **pro-tip you can also search for districts near your hometown to have a broader impact**

- A list of upcoming congressional town halls where you can make your voice heard

- A downloadable, practical guide to resisting Trump's agenda from Indivisible.

- A handy guide for spotting Fake News

- An app for keeping track of Congress.  Stay up to date on upcoming legislation, see how your representatives voted and make your voice heard.  If you don't like apps you can visit their website.

- Know exactly how and where to vote.

- A guide to hosting a voter registration drive.

Information from the ACLU detailing your rights if you decide to protest