On November 6th, 2018 we have the chance to fight back and stop the harmful policies of this administration. Whether it's family separation, gun control, reproductive rights, climate change, or our next supreme court justice, the next Congress will be making some big decisions about the future of our country. 

Winning in November will take more than just voting. It will take concerted effort to REGISTER, INFORM, and ENERGIZE fellow voters.  That's where you come in. 






As election day approaches it's becoming clear that a handful of races will determine control of the house. 


Take a look at this list of swing districts.


Many are in our own backyard. You may have friends relatives that live in these areas. You may have gone to school near one of these districts. Click around for information about each race and find one you're excited about.

For example, Tom Malinowski is running a tight race in New Jersey's 7th District which is just minutes from New York City. Find out more about his race and how you can help. 



There are eight toss-up Senate elections this November. While it is unlikely we will be able to flip the Senate, it is essential that we keep a hold of the seats we have now.  Check out these races









What are you going to do to help secure a win in November? 

Will you use those performing skills to make calls? Knock on doors? Distribute pamphlets? Will you use your visual arts and writing skills to send postcards to potential voters?  Can you use your production skills to create a fabulous fundraiser and donate the proceeds to a tight race?

THIS SITE helps you make a customized plan that uses your strengths and your network to make a difference in November.

If you're unsure how to get started just email us. 



The best way to stick to a plan is to have a friend hold you accountable. 

Life gets busy, being angry all the time is exhausting, everyone needs a little help. Upon request, we will put you in contact with other Artist For Action members who are looking for a election buddy. Email info@artistsforactionnyc.com  

It's like having a gym buddy for democracy. 


One of the great things about New York is that almost everyone came here from somewhere else. We can use our connections across the country to have a broader impact. It's time to think big

  • Does your aunt live in Iowa 03? Maybe her book club could make some phone calls together.

  • Did you have a fabulous high school teacher you'd love to reconnect with? Partner up and register all the high school seniors.

  • Does your best friend live in Pennsylvania 08? Take a weekend trip to see them and knock on doors for a few hours

  • Keep meaning to take that road trip? Plan one afternoon where you knock on doors in a different state.

  • Go apple picking in NJ 07 and then knock on doors for Tom Malinowski

If you'd like to combine efforts, we'd be happy to connect you with other Artists for Action members focusing on your state. Email us any time. 







ArizonaKyrsten Sinema 

Florida- Bill Nelson          

Indiana- Joe Donnelly

Missouri- Claire McCaskill      

Nevada- Jacky Rosen                              

North Dakota - Heidi Heitkamp   

Tennessee- Phil Bredesen

Texas- Beto O'Rourke