Artists For Action 

Connecting Artists to Progressive Politics

Stop ranting on Facebook. Take action.


 Join Artists For Action. Connect with fellow artists, progressives, and allies who are ready to stand up to this administration.


Artists For Action is committed to helping progressive artists (*and anyone arts adjacent) here in NYC take concrete steps towards fighting injustice. Our work focuses on making a difference in three areas:


  1. Within the arts community

  2. Within New York City

  3. Nationwide (with a special focus on swing states)


Artists For Action NYC connects you with local, state, and national teams fighting for progressive values as well projects and strategies to use our voices as artists to create social change. 


If you are worried about our nation's future, if you want to do something to fight back,



Sign up for our Newsletter and connect with members on our facebook page where you can learn how to support their work, and tell us how we can support yours. 

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